Application for Folk high school

This is what are you applying for

In the application you apply for basic support. You may choose to apply for only the part of the basic support that can be converted to a grant, or the entire loan.

You are not entitled to a loan for tuition fees when attending a folk high school.

The application also applies to other grants and loans that only certain groups are entitled to. These are child grant, additional loan and refugee grant.

You may only receive a loan for folk high school for two years

Initially you may receive loans and grants from Lånekassen for a total of eight years, but there is an exception for folk high schools.


In most cases, documentation is not required for programmes in Norway. If you nevertheless are required to submit documentation, you will be informed of this in the application. If you don’t have documentation ready when you are applying, you may submit it later.

Assessment time

You will receive a response or notification of the application’s status within 24 hours.
The application is not available on Dine sider immediately, but if you have received a receipt, we have received you application.

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